Getting the email stating “YOU DID IT” “YOU DID IT” was music to my ears!!! I have LOVED my Rainbow for 25 years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new model even more than ever:) The Show & Tell program wasn’t as difficult as I envisioned because the Rainbow definitely sells itself!! All of the demonstrators and staff were awesome to work with and made it a lot easier:) My bonus commission check was the icing on the cake for my holiday season shopping!! Thank you, Rainbow!!!


Oh my gosh, I cannot even describe how much I LOVE our rainbow!! It’s everything we need and more all in one. It truly sold itself at most of our shows. Everyone who did the demos was so great and Cain and Abbie are the sweetest couples. Now we get to enjoy ours for free! Thank you, Rainbow!


For the last 3 months, I have thoroughly enjoyed my Rainbow. I thought showing the Rainbow to 12 friends and family members would be tough but my husband and I teamed up and got it done in about 30 days. The Rainbow is such a wonderful air purifier and the cleaning system is virtually sold itself. Now, all of our shows qualified and our Rainbow is “FREE”! Free is always good. Thank you to Midlands Team!


I absolutely love my rainbow. I was a little nervous about getting someone to buy a rainbow in the 12 shows but it was extremely easy and they do all the work! The rainbow has help the air quality in my house so much! You can’t go wrong with buying one.


Thank you rainbow for this amazing experience! We loved getting the chance to get our rainbow for free! We had enough time to complete this and won a lot of great things along the way! I can’t wait to keep booking people to keep winning amazing gifts! The vacuum is amazing, the carpet cleaner is amazing, everything about the rainbow is amazing! If anyone is wanting to work with amazing people to get an amazing product rainbow is the people to connect with 😁

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